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For Reasons Unknown

that’s female-fronted metalcore from Hamburg.

In the fall of 2018, the five-piece band released their first songs Dirt Devil & The Hunter, anchoring in the stormy waters of metalcore. Since then, they have played a load of different shows, all around the northern metropole and are currently working on multiple audio- and video-releases.

The band’s style is characterized by a tug-of-war between catchy hooks and sharp-edged riffs in the manner of bands like Killswitch Engage, Architects, or August Burns Red. The aggressive shouts of frontwoman Isa push like a storm front over the sea and at the breakdown, by the latest, the compass points towards a mosh pit.

Despite their fairly modern influences, the band does not try to follow the main stream of metalcore, but delivers a somewhat old-school attitude and has been told by many people that they felt “taken back to old times” by their music. This impression might also be supported by the fact that not all members of the band come from the same musical background, but also bring straight Rock- or Punk-influences.

All in all, For Reasons Unknown delivers a distinct, but somewhat familiar sound that should leave you wanting for more.


Isa - Vocals

Being a singer from a young age on, having founded her first rock band in her teens and influenced by bands like Architechts, Soilwork and I Prevail, it was only a matter of time before powerful vocalist Isa made it into heavier music. Right after moving to Hamburg in 2012, she sang for the Alternative Metal Band Pollywog Chieftain and joined FRU in 2018 after deciding, she wanted something with a little more punch.

Isa - Vocals

Tino - Lead Guitar

Tino did not pick up the guitar til the age of 14, but when he did, he quickly taught himself the essentials of Punk and Rock. Listening to bands like Bullet for my Valentine and later August Burns Red and Killswitch Engage, he quickly gravitated towards more hardcore music. After playing guitars for the band Physical Pain age 18 through 20, Tino joined FRU in 2013, shortly after their formation.

Tino - Lead Guitar

Sebastian – Bass

Sebastian joined his first band during his time at university. He had always been inspired by bands like Korn, System of a Down and Killswitch Engage, so it was only natural for him to lean towards hard Metal. So in early 2013, he and fellow student André founded For Reasons Unknown where Sebastian first played guitar, but later decided to change to the rhythm section.

Sebastian – Bass

André – Rhythm Guitar

Although André already studied the guitar in his youth, he really developed his own style in his time at Uni, challenged by the music he listened to, like August Burns Red and Parkway Drive. There, he also had his first band, together with Sebastian. The two of  them later went on to found For Reasons Unknown and cast the rest oft he band with is very first song „Scared“.

André – Rhythm Guitar

Fry - Drums

As the son to an opera soprano and a music retailer, Fry has been exposed to music his entire life. He took to the drumkit at age 5 and quickly developed towards rock drumming. This was heavily emphasized by listening to bands like Linkin Park, System of a Down, or A Day To Remember in his teens. Having played for multiple smaller bands in his hometown, he joined FRU shortly after he moved to Hamburg in late 2019.

Fry - Drums

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31.05.2019 - LOGO, Hamburg

03.08.2019 - Indra, Hamburg

27.08.2019 – Tsunami Club, Cologne

30.08.2019 - Astrastube, Hamburg

14.09.2019 - IMMOtions Festival, Stade

28.11.2019 - Bar227, Hamburg

07.03.2020 - Glowing Ember Festival, Hamburg

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